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Case Study: Due Diligence. Winsome IP helped a Fortune technology firm in evaluating the patent portfolio of an acquisition target operating in the domain of network security. The insights uncovered during the patent due diligence study provided significant value to our client while making critical business decisions. Download the case study to see the impactful results a small compliance team saw when they automated third party due diligence with GAN Connect. If you are looking for a risk-based due diligence solution, this case study will help illustrate how you too can implement a solution and quickly see large changes within your compliance function. Case Study The following case study is an example of Kreller investigative strategies to help clients avoid foreign corrupt practices. Due to the covert nature of the industry, client names are proprietary; however, the following case study represents a cross section of international investigations recently conducted on behalf of Kreller clients.

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Ground-Gas Solutions GGS was commissioned as a specialist consultant to a leading multi-national consultancy firm to carry out a comprehensive ground-gas risk assessment of an operational chemical works in Middlesbrough as part of the diligence process. The scope of works included an inspection of existing building gas protection measures, review all existing site investigation and risk assessment information and undertake high-frequency bulk gas monitoring and trace gas analysis.

This project was completed under strict limited time constraints. The intrusive investigation was undertaken by the multi-national consultancy and comprised 14 No, due diligence case study.

GGS conducted the ground gas monitoring spot sampling and high frequency as a specialist element of the main site investigation. This type of information proved to be extremely useful as a more detailed site specific conceptual model was built up and the true gas regime at the site was determined.

A full detailed ground-gas risk assessment along with outline costs for completing the recommended remedial mitigation measures was undertaken. The generic risk assessment highlighted a moderate gas contamination risk at the site. GGS assessed the existing measures against BS Take our customers open and honest accounts of due diligence case study experiences instead.

Read our ground gas. I am very grateful and impressed by the excellent communication from all and the quick turnaround, due diligence case study. The digital copies of the presentations will help me share good practice knowledge with colleagues. Many thanks for taking the trouble due diligence case study come to speak to us yesterday.

I think it was the most thought provoking and stimulating hour we have had. I certainly consider your presentation would be of interest to other regional groups. Your technical knowledge, communication skills, commitment and insight has proven invaluable over the last three years and I sincerely doubt that we would be where we are now were it not for your assistance…. You must be logged in to post a comment. Share it. Read our ground gas ESI Limited I am very grateful and impressed by the excellent communication from all and the quick turnaround.

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due diligence case study


In her article “Due diligence,” Catherine illustrates how companies have shifted their control over supply chains to independent suppliers. She argues that this approach has enabled companies to not only cut on their operational cost, but also improve their quality, code of ethics and contractual situations. Our international banking client undertook the largest re-structure in its European history. With entities across 20 business lines and 25 jurisdictions, the due diligence challenge was highly complex. The traditional approach to due diligence would involve the collation, allocation, review and. CASE STUDY. ADVENT LIMITED & POURSHINS LIMITED DUE DILIGENCE Bhakti Gurung Deepa Tajhya Madhuri Thapa. Case Overview O Advent Limited (an Indian BPO) was. keen on taking over Pourshins Limited (UK Company with American management) so that it could conveniently expand its operations in the UK and Europe. O Advent is looking for a detailed analysis of the target, its key .