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The Observation Of Classroom Observation - Classroom observation is defined as a nonjudgmental description of classroom events that can be analyzed and interpreted to understand what went on in the classroom (Gebhard, ).Through observation, mentors should attempt to provide the mentees with opportunities to gain deepening awareness of their teaching practices, personal values and beliefs. Classroom Observation Report Essay - Field Observation Reflection Paper The best way for someone to determine if they really would like to go into a certain field is . Check out our essay example on Classroom Observation Reflective Summary to start writing! Upon hearing this, I didn’t accept this fact she was giving me and never associated the term, “teacher” and “flexible” together. Nevertheless, after my observations this semester in the classroom, I understand why you need to be flexible in.

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Transitioning to high school requires the teens to communicate with a new and larger peer group and handle greater academic expectations, teacher observation essay. Counsellors clearly recognize that healthy relationships are the essence of mental, emotional, and psychological health. Many of the crises teens confront today are related to relationships -- with parents, teachers, siblings, teacher observation essay, and friends.

Problems such as loneliness, low self-esteem, peer-pressure, rebellion, homosexuality, and underachievement have their foundation in unhealthy or broken relationships that can occur anytime during a youth's lifetime.

Increased stress occurs for adolescents across the board: Students who are in enrolled in rigorous…… [Read More]. Education -- Teaching Observations and. The teacher explained that the use of a commercial science-teaching program that emphasized hands-on participation and active inquiry in its design had helped her achieve high levels of genuine interest among her students. The teacher credited the hands-on involvement as well as the design of the lessons to emphasize critical thinking and inquiry-based analyses with the ability to sustain the high level of student…… [Read More].

Teaching Portfolio I am a percussion teacher, and I instruct classes of various sizes in a range of drumming techniques, teacher observation essay. My students a very diverse in terms of ages and backgrounds, and my classes can include up to twelve students.

Some classes focus on group forms of percussion, such as drumming circles, which require skills for both individual and group drumming, teacher observation essay. My teaching gradually evolved from my own practice in percussion and music. While I was not formally trained in teaching, as I work with more students, I am quickly developing a deeper understanding of the importance of teaching theories, curriculum planning, and proper assessment.

In this teaching portfolio I aim to first, summarize the feedback I have regarding my lesson planning presentation of material. Over the course of preparing this portfolio I have researched additional teaching and assessment methods, and I will outlined my teacher observation essay approaches. Finally, I will…… [Read More]. Teaching as a Profession the. As I began to realize teacher observation essay I was expecting less than they were capable of I realized that some of my preconceived notions about the teaching profession were coloring my viewpoint.

One example was the day a preschool student from the regular education class came to me and handed me a book that she wanted to read to me. I was surprised but let her open the book and begin reading. It reminded me not to assume the level of ability of any student as each student is an individual and develops teacher observation essay individual rates.

In observing the classrooms I found that problems can be dealt with by remaining flexible and keeping an open mind Safer, An example of this philosophy occurred when an autistic preschool student was included in the inclusion setting. The teacher made…… [Read More]. Teaching in America. On one hand it is a book of history, covering the developments in education in general over the past century; here it is at times fascinating, at times tedious, but always informative.

On the other hand, teacher observation essay, the book points to one overruling "Slow Revolution" which the authors describe as the solution to our nation's and the world's educational problems, teacher observation essay. While the former topic is simply a recounting of established history, the latter requires evidence and argument in support of the authors' claim; this evidence comes primarily from interviews with teachers.

Hence, this book spans two realms of academia: as the researchers themselves state, "Our research is both sociological and historical" 8. This paper will investigate the credibility of the authors' latter claim, which is based teacher observation essay a rather isolated set of evidence,…… [Read More]. Teaching Disaster and Emergency Management. Teaching Disaster and Emergency Management The whole world has turned into a place where people encounter experiences with diverse forms of disaster.

Most of the disasters are usually extremely complicated and strike unexpectedly in any region causing massive damages and loss of lives. The complexities accompanying the catastrophes require the existence of well-trained personnel oftentimes ready to deal with disasters as they occur before causing irreparable harm to people and property.

In some regions, many people have lost lives and properties destroyed because of the slow response by the people dependable for handling the emergencies. This calls for the training of new and many people who provide quick and teacher observation essay response to the disasters whilst saving lives. Various regions and countries have taken up the initiative of training people expected to play a critical role in the management of disasters. There has been an argument whether teachers handling disaster management…… [Read More].

Teaching Students With Mental Retardation. Because of the lack of clarity and certainty regarding mental retardation or intellectual disability, the effect of having students with this issue in a classroom can be somewhat more chaotic than with other developmental disorders, where specific modes of instruction have been developed.

It can be difficult to predict what a student with mental retardation might be stimulated by, and there are certain areas where individual students might simply have no interest. This can make it incredibly hard to involve them in classroom activities even when special accommodations and attempts are made. Students with mental retardation are not especially disruptive, teacher observation essay, and do not tend to make learning difficult for others, but this teacher observation essay runs a greater risk of their teacher observation essay ignored as the classroom's education develops and progresses.

For this reason, teacher observation essay, specific and repeated teacher observation essay to engage students with mental retardation in every aspect of the classroom and its activities…… [Read More]. Teaching Can at Risk Student, teacher observation essay.

Description of Learning: Educational institutions teacher observation essay teaching subjects for a digital teacher observation essay but it is from a superficial manner however students need a deeper knowledge of it as a curriculum. When teaching students about math, teacher observation essay, it should be integrated in all subjects they are learning by being motivated by educators Singhal, As shown in the examined scenario planning with an elementary school, it is teacher observation essay things became better for the students as far as the educational resources, and environment, which ultimately affects the learning process.

Educational institutions must engage partnerships with other schools around the world. By providing student exchanges they will produce world class students, the internet is facilitating the process of globalization and providing virtual interaction with others. As it is shown in schools, technology is the key to change the educational environment and resources. The internet is encouraging students to engage in meaningful cross cultural dialogue…… [Read More]. Teaching Today An Introduction to.

There are some papers that are to be released and referred to by her in the above article. In the first of those papers, teacher observation essay, the belief is teacher observation essay the present result of the aptitude tests of the teachers today is the same as was the case a generation earlier, but the best among them are not likely to become teachers.

In the second paper, the result shows that the women from the best colleges are not continuing to be teachers as the pay received by them as teachers is low, and not due to the attraction of higher pay in other occupations. On the level it can be assumed that if the salary of teachers were better, a lot of the best students would still be going into teaching. Teacher observation essay to the columnist, "Teachers aren't exactly getting worse.

They're getting more consistently mediocre. Teaching Philosophies Adult Education Has. This type of education has worked best within societies that contain large amounts of oppressive practices, where the oppressed need to learn some autonomy.

More developed countries however tend to favor the more traditional types of education Werner, Conclusion It is important to assess the specific needs of one's own educational environment. Some environments, as seen above, would benefit more from the behaviorist philosophy than from the humanist philosophy, and vice versa. It is therefore important to establish an initial focus, determine goals, and assess student needs. When there is for example a need for strongly skill-centered learning, such as a computer-skills course, this would benefit little from a behaviorist methodology, teacher observation essay.

When the course is however more flexible and artistic, it might be better to focus on students' individual needs and concerns. In order to find what would work best in a specific classroom therefore, once should assess needs…… [Read More]. Teacher's Aid What Is a. If a religion forbids dancing, those children should not have to learn a new dance, even though it might teacher observation essay a lot of fun for others. In other religions, teacher observation essay, any kind of image is forbidden, teacher observation essay.

These children should not be served cookies that have, for instance, a jack-o-lantern or the country's flag on it. At the same time, teacher observation essay, such a day can help students learn about each others' cultures. In those cases, parents who belong to those cultures might organize the activities. For instance, if there are Jewish children in the school, teacher observation essay, parents might make latkes with applesauce or have an activity that explains the significance of a Jewish holiday.

Ethnic minorities might set up an activity that demonstrates something important about their culture and history. You are a teachers' aide, teacher observation essay. Discuss with a teacher…… [Read More]. Teaching if I Had the Opportunity to. Teaching If I had the opportunity to teach a skill to someone else, I would show how to conduct fundraising campaigns for a worthy nonprofit organization. Once a leader in a nonprofit group has the skills and the experience he or she could use those skills to help raised needed funds, teacher observation essay.

We would start with some basic fundamentals. A nonprofit group should be incorporated so that donations people and businesses make can be tax-deductible.

There are groups representing the American Bar Association in nearly every city in America and they offer a half hour free consultation to nonprofits, teacher observation essay. This is a good starting point for a group, to achieve the ranking of teacher observation essay c 3, a federally licensed nonprofit corporation. Benefit Concert There are many ways to raise funds other than just asking for handouts or sponsoring a bake sale, teacher observation essay.

A good starting point is to plan a community benefit concert. Teaching Measures of Central Tendency. The third measure of central tendency is the mode.

Despite it being the last option of consideration by many analysts, it is a mostly utilized measure. The mode represents the most frequent observation in a data set.

For example, if total scores of a football tournament in every match were tabulated as 2, 4, 6, 5, 2, 4, and 2, then the mode of these observations is 2 scores because this observation occurs thrice in the distribution. The median contributes to the fourth measure of central tendency and it represents the value in the distribution that lies in the middle of the observations of interest, teacher observation essay.

To obtain the median, arranging the observations in ascending order establishes the observation that lies in the middle of the arranged data. For example, in the above given observations of football scores, they can arranged in ascending order as 2, 2, 2, 4, 4,…… [Read More]. Teacher's Name: John Dillon Grade: 2nd Grade Session: English Lesson content: Spelling Skills Focus Areas Excellent Good Acceptable Not observed Lesson Introduction Uses engaging and motivating introduction States learning objectives to the students Reviews content presented in previous classes Teaching Clearly explains all key concepts with simple examples Models skills and strategies to be used by students Uses various teaching strategies Asks various questions that engage in critical thinking Asks questions to check comprehension Gives appropriate feedback on students answers and activities x Responds to students' questions x Explains instructions clearly and briefly x Presents accurate and up-to-date content x Relates lesson content to students' lives x Relates content to other subjects Uses recent technology and resources x Varies activities to match different students' levels x Demonstrates enthusiasm for the class and the subject x Enriches class through variety in activity types x Classroom management 1.

Provides a…… [Read More].


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The topic for this observation paper is an elementary classroom setting. A second. grade teacher and her class were observed for about one hour. I chose this subject. because I currently attend school for elementary education, and because second grade is. one of the grades that I am interested in teaching in the future. When observing in the5/5(6). April 1, SSFER Description and Reflective Narrative Activity Description In this assignment I decided to participate in these categories: Extended classroom observation and a teacher interview at Horace Mann Foreign language Magnet. The classroom I am observed was a fifth grade classroom with mostly Hispanic students. Apr 01,  · Essay Classroom Teacher Observation Report Words | 5 Pages A. Evaluation Form or Observation Protocol The evaluation form that was used to evaluate a classroom teacher’s performance is a rubric used by the school district (Hillsborough County Public Schools, ).